Io e l´altro me stesso, di Ñuca Marinelli. Wired Italia autumnn 17 / Il senso del noi, Gianluigi Buffon. Wired Italia, summer 2017
Evoluzione digital, Vittorio storaro. Wired Italia, enero 2016
A blood bank in Amsterdam is using public drinking water to flash-cool its drug production line sustainably. Waternet. .Wired UK, November 2016
Faltplan.Wired Germany, October 2016
Cine Blob. Gianni Canova. Wired Italia, junio 2016
A new new deal. Gig economy workers need protection. Wired USA, january 2016
A seeing-eye cane. Buzzy help for the blind. Shruti Ravindran.Wired USA, dec 2015